Essential Concealed Carry Tips

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March 21, 2024 • 4 minute read

Concealed carrying is a responsibility that comes with the need for meticulous attention to detail, awareness, and preparation. At Hyperion Munitions, we’re committed to promoting safe and effective concealed carry practices. Whether you’re new to concealed carrying or looking to refine your approach, these 10 tips will guide you towards responsible firearm ownership and use.

1. Choose the Right Gun for You

Selecting the right firearm is paramount. Consider factors like size, caliber, and ergonomics to ensure it fits your hand comfortably and suits your lifestyle. A gun that’s too large may be difficult to conceal, while one that’s too small may not offer the desired level of protection.

2. Practice Proper Concealed Carry Techniques

Understanding and practicing how to carry concealed is crucial. This involves knowing how to draw your firearm safely and efficiently, maintaining concealment, and ensuring the firearm is securely holstered. Regular practice will enhance your muscle memory, reducing response time in critical situations.

3. Know Your Local Laws

Laws regarding concealed carry vary by state and sometimes by local jurisdiction. It’s essential to familiarize yourself with the laws in your area and any areas you plan to visit. This includes reciprocity laws if you’re traveling across state lines.

4. Invest in Quality Gear

Quality gear, including a reliable holster and belt, can significantly impact the safety and efficacy of your concealed carry. A good holster will secure your firearm, keep it accessible, and prevent accidental discharges, while a sturdy belt will support the weight of your firearm without sagging.

5. Train Regularly

Regular training is vital for maintaining proficiency with your firearm. This includes both shooting practice at the range and situational awareness training. Training helps you stay sharp, ensuring you’re prepared for any situation.

6. Try to Carry As Often As Possible

Consistency in carrying your firearm ensures you’re prepared whenever you may need it. However, always be mindful of local laws and regulations regarding where you can and cannot carry.

7. Don’t Carry In Schools, Federal Buildings, State & National Parks, Airports

It’s illegal to carry concealed weapons in certain locations, including schools, federal buildings, state and national parks, and airports. Always respect these laws to avoid legal complications.

8. Don’t Draw Your Gun Unless You Intend to Use it

Drawing your firearm should always be a last resort, done with the intention to protect life. Brandishing your weapon without cause can lead to legal issues and escalate situations unnecessarily.

9. Only Draw Your Gun When In Danger

Your firearm is a tool for defense. It should only be drawn in situations where you or someone else is in immediate danger and there are no other options to de-escalate the situation.

10. Don’t Adjust or Reposition Your Holster in Public

Adjusting or repositioning your holster in public can inadvertently reveal your firearm, causing alarm and potentially leading to dangerous misunderstandings. If adjustments are necessary, find a private location to do so.


What is the best form of concealed carry?

The best form of concealed carry depends on personal preferences, body type, and clothing. Experiment with IWB, OWB, shoulder, and ankle holsters to find what works best for you.

What are the pros and cons of concealed carry?

Pros include increased safety and exercising Second Amendment rights, while cons may involve legal liabilities and the need for ongoing training. 

Which two factors are most important in choosing how to carry your firearm?

Comfortability and accessibility are paramount, ensuring you can carry all day without issue and access your firearm quickly when needed.

What is the best carry position for sitting?

The appendix or cross-draw positions are generally more comfortable and accessible when seated, reducing pressure on the lower back.

By adhering to these 10 concealed carry tips, you can ensure a responsible, safe, and effective approach to carrying your firearm. Remember, the key to successful concealed carry is preparation, awareness, and regular training. Stay safe, stay prepared, and carry with confidence.


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