Spotlight on Geoff Davis: Hyperion Munitions’ True Brand Ambassador

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January 18, 2024 • 3 minute read

Tampa, Florida — Meet Geoff Davis, the newest addition to Hyperion Munitions, Inc.’s brand ambassador team. Unlike the traditional influencer role, Geoff brings a wealth of experience and a lifelong passion for the firearms industry, making him a true brand ambassador.

Geoff’s journey in the world of firearms began at the age of 10 when his cousin Judy, the editor-in-chief of Shooter’s Bible magazine, introduced him to the fascinating world of firearms. By the age of 14, Geoff owned an Ithica Model 49 Single Shot lever-action rifle, and his passion for shooting targets became a defining aspect of his youth.

In 1979, Geoff’s career began when he was sworn in at Albany County’s Sheriff’s Office. He worked in Contraband Control, Airport (Anti Hijack), Patrol, Criminal Intelligence assignments, and was promoted to the Supervisor of the Family Court and Warrant Unit. Geoff’s marksmanship skills brought him to lead the ACSO pistol team, competing in regional competitions against officers from NYPD, NYS Troopers, Boston, Buffalo, and departments throughout the Northeast.

Transitioning into a licensed gunsmith, Geoff started building custom handguns and even had an article published in the American Handgunner in 1984. As his career evolved, he ventured into process automation with a Combustion Engineering firm, working in food manufacturing, food service, and cosmetics.

Geoff’s eventually worked in global corporate investigative services, covering areas like theft, truck hijacking, air cargo security, and credit card fraud. His international focus led him to work in the Middle East and Africa, Asia and Europe building security and IT infrastructures, including Japan.

Returning to the States, Geoff pursued an MBA from RPI, with a concentration in financial engineering. He applied his unique skill set to grow supply chain companies from zero to $6.5 billion, utilizing novel engineering models for healthcare and CPG supply chains and let multiple companies as COO and CEO.

Today, Geoff owns Tampa Bay’s GUNSAFETY4U, an NRA-focused training practice where he serves as a Training Counselor, Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, and Certified Pistol Coach (L2 Nat’l). He trains a diverse range of individuals, in all live-fire disciplines, including competitive shooters , law enforcement, Seniors, and Adaptive firearms owners, focusing on inclusivity for all members of the community.  He also is the Managing Director at Fraud Examination Service (CFE) and the State Trustee at the Fraternal Order of Police in Pinellas County.

Geoff Davis is not just a brand ambassador; he embodies the values and expertise that define Hyperion Munitions, Inc. Follow us on social media as Geoff shares his insights on our strategic partners, comparing them to the best in the industry and showcasing Hyperion’s gold seal.

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